Best keyboard for writing a novel

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best keyboard for writing a novel

Mechanical keyboards turned me into a typing machine - CNET

As a modern-day writer, the keyboard is your ultimate tool. You use it every day to create and hone your craft. Furthermore, you will likely want one with an ergonomic shape and backlighting — for late-night brainstorming. Being a mechanical-feel keyboard, it has the feeling of a mechanical keyboard without the hefty price tag. The keyboard is wired, but the USB cable happens to be two meters or so in length.
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Published 21.07.2019

The Most Expensive Keyboard I've Ever Unboxed...

One writer's long overdue adventure with mechanical keyboards

I just love the feel of holding a pen and letting it free flow upon my favorite Moleskine. Seeing the words pour out upon the paper makes me feel like one of the great classic writers of old. Writing by hand is a thing of the past. And when doing some serious long form writing… Thank goodness. Hand cramps for days… Yikes. But are all keyboards built the same?

Anyone like me, whose career as a designer, typesetter, author, and book publisher has spanned all the years of the digital revolution, have used a succession of tools to do our writing and editing. One thing about the tools we use has always puzzled me. Hands flashing along the rows of keys, authors convert their imagined worlds, heroes and villains, monsters and majestic landscapes into documents via these physical-to-digital coding devices. Painters take great care in picking their brushes, musicians can be fanatical about their instruments. The list goes on and on. Paying attention to the part of the computer that we actually touch might yield benefits to you as a writer.

A keyboard is an intrinsic and inevitable need for writers. It is essential to choose the appropriate keyboard for efficiency. Many keyboards are out there, with different features and design.
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A Low Profile RGB Keyboard for Writers

If you take a gander at my CNET profile page , you'll know that's a bit of an understatement. I've spent the bulk of my career as a journalist banging out millions of words on standard keyboards or, when at home, using a PC laptop or Apple keyboard with my iMac. For more than a decade, I didn't really think about what I was typing on. As long as it worked, I was content. All of a sudden, my backspace key didn't work and a handful of keys barely registered after a keystroke.


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    5 Best Keyboards for Writers

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    Aug 26, We review the top 3 keyboards for writers -- ergonomic, budget, and best overall. Check out our picks and get serious about your craft!.

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    It is said that the Pen is mightier than the Sword.

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