Tourist safety and security practical measures for destinations pdf

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tourist safety and security practical measures for destinations pdf

(PDF) Safety and Security in Tourism. Case Study: Romania | Liliana Popescu -

This study is aimed at measuring and illustrating destination image of tourism destinations perceived by domestic tourists. Based on a representative sample of respondents from the surveys across destinations, correspondence analysis was employed to illustrate an attribute based comparative analysis of the destination image of the tourist destinations. Findings reveal that the attribute natural attraction was positively perceived by respondents across all destinations and the attribute infrastructure emerged as an area in need of dire attention. The findings of this study need to be integrated with qualitative studies to explore the underlying reasons for the perceived destination image. This tourist-derived intelligence presents an opportunity to take advantage of its current position, or if necessary, optimally reposition itself.
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Published 21.06.2019

APAC Tourism Safety & Security Issues: Major Issues

The Secretariat of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) expresses its thanks to Claes Almér (Unternehmensberatung,. Hamburg, Germany /Claes Almér.

Tourist Safety and Security: Practical Measures for Destinations

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The Handbook of Security pp Cite as. Anything that deters tourists is therefore a threat both to the tourist industry and to the wider economy. Crime, low-level public disorder, political unrest and terrorism are therefore of particular importance to the tourist industry. This chapter considers the relationship between tourism and crime and disorder. It starts with a review of the extent to which tourist resorts generate higher-than-average levels of crime and disorder and then addresses the high levels of risk experienced by tourists, before going on to suggest explanations for these patterns.

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Although, in spite the development of global tourism and its significance in developing nations, in Nigeria the industry of tourism has not developed substantially. Stability and peace are significant essentials to tourism development. This form of environmentally and socially accountable tourism could also decreased political volatility by supporting in the generation of wealth, cover the cultural gaps, nurture peace among various religious and ethnic groups and foster rural areas. However, kidnappings, corruption, and killings appear to be the economic as well as political trinity harming Nigeria. The existing situation of bombings and insecurity particularly in the Northern region of the country has presented severe challenges to the stability and peace of Nigeria. The country has not merely suffered massive loss in properties, infrastructure and precious human lives; it has also faced economic disruption which directs to the disposition of foreign direct investment. Therefore, this dissertation will highlight the impact of security on the tourism development of Nigeria and the ways it can benefit the country in fostering its current state of instability.


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    Safety and security are vital to providing quality in tourism. More than any other economic activity, the success or failure of a tourism destination depends on.

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    Crime and Disorder, Security and the Tourism Industry | SpringerLink

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    Tourist Safety and Security: Practical Measures for Destinations | World Tourism Organization UNWTO

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