A tale of two cities summary book 3

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a tale of two cities summary book 3

All rights reserved. In , traveling through France is pretty slow going. Okay: traveling in the s was pretty slow all the time. We know that. Even slower than before.
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A Tale of Two Cities (FULL Audiobook)

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A Tale of Two Cities

A motley and bloodthirsty crowd assembles at the trial of Charles Darnay. The crowd carries Darnay home in a chair on their shoulders. Later that afternoon, she reports hearing footsteps on the stairs, and soon a knock comes at the door. Four soldiers enter and re-arrest Darnay. Manette protests, but one of the soldiers reminds him that if the Republic demands a sacrifice from him, he must make that sacrifice.

The disorganization of France makes Darnay's trip long, and he is questioned at every step. When he nears Paris, he is woken in the middle of the night and told he is to be sent to Paris with an escort, which he is forced to accept and pay for. This escort is Monsieur Defarge.
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by Charles Dickens

Travel through France proves difficult for Darnay. Hostile revolutionaries frequently stop him and question him.

Charles Darnay travels through France to Paris, encountering bands of revolutionaries in every village along the way who condemn him as an aristocrat and emigrant and allow him to continue on only because of his letter from Gabelle. A decree has passed, he learns, that sells all the property of emigrants and condemns them to death. Eventually he is forced to take an escort of two men with him. Once he arrives in Paris, a prison tribunal declares him a prisoner "in secret"of La Force prison. Defarge escorts Darnay to the prison and Darnay asks him to notify Mr. Lorry of his imprisonment. Defarge refuses.


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