Paper bag book cover design

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paper bag book cover design

Paper Bag Book Cover: 5 Steps

In this instcrutable I am going to show you how to make a paper bag book cover. But the great is that you only need some scissors and a brown paper bag or just a paper bag. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Like in picture 1. Like in picture 2.
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Published 20.03.2019

Paper Bag Book Cover

Choose a paper bag to cover your book with. You can make designs out of paper and attach them with rubber cement or double-sided tape.

Paper Bag Book Cover

And the beauty of this project is that it's an easy way to recycle. Start by removing the handles if there are any. In most cases, you can simply peel them off carefully with your hands. Find the seam of the bag and cut down till you reach the bottom. Then carefully cut off the entire bottom of the bag. Lay the bag, label side up, on your table. Place your book in the center of the paper bag.

Even with something as simple as protecting a classroom textbook or library novel, there's always a chance to put a personal spin on it. Here's how we used rubber stamps and patterned washi tape to create a fun, one-of-a-kind book cover for any age. Place the book in the center of the bag again. Fold each side of the bag over the front and back covers and trim any excess paper. Add extra security by adding washi tape to hold the cover's flaps in place.


Everyone remembers these things, right? These things were upcycling before upcycling was cool. The great joy of these things for me was usually the ability to add any and all decoration in the form of doodles and stickers to personalize all my books. Well, I may not have to lug around big textbooks anymore, but with school just around the corner, there are plenty of folks who will be. Some of you might be pros, for others, it might have been awhile.

Covering a book with paper protects the hardcover from wear and tear. If you just don't like to use plastic wrap or fabric covers to cover your books, then a paper bag is a great alternative, and is also environmentally friendly. Using a brown paper bag also allows you to personalize the cover with your own designs and decorations. With just scissors, tape, and some creative folding, you can cover any book. To create a paper bag book cover, start by cutting a paper bag along one of the side seams and trimming off the flaps that form the bottom of the bag. Then, place the book on the paper, fold the overlapping paper around the front cover, and slide the cover into the slot that was made when you folded the paper. Finally, repeat the folding and sliding process on the other side with the back cover.


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