Free wiccan books by mail

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free wiccan books by mail

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Click the images to download a printable PDF file with each page. These spells are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper before adding them to your Book of Shadows. Wiccans and many other Pagans worship Nature and the cycles of constant change, personified as the most ancient and primal deities: the Triple Goddess and the Horned God. Download this Printable Page. This poem by an unknown author introduces various aspects of neopaganism and was popularized by Wiccan priestess Doreen Valiente.
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My First Wiccan Books: Modern Pagan Witchcraft

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In this modern era, looking for free Wiccan ebooks has become an easy way to find information without spending a fortune on new books. I thought I would gather up a few links to help you find some good free ebooks but I'm also including some great bargain ones too.
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Here are nine easy ways to stock your altar without even touching your wallet:. Paper has endless magickal uses. Filling a Book of Shadows, recording affirmations, automatic writing, and drafting sigils are just a few examples. Every time you mark an empty page, you are performing a magickal act—the creation of something from nothing. Store-bought paper is inexpensive, but re-purposed paper is free! Try saving scrap paper at home or collecting paper waste from local businesses.

Indeed, there are many different traditions of magic , from the healing work of curanderos in Latin America to the hoodoo charms of the Appalachians to the Egyptian magical practice of Heka. These and other traditions from around the world have been passed down over the centuries and are still very much in practice today. In the realm of Wicca , magical traditions tend to be rooted in the centuries-old practices of the folk healers of Europe as well as the ancient Hermetic philosophies rediscovered during the Renaissance. But while there are tried-and-true spells and methods that have been passed down over the generations, magic in Wicca is by no means a static art. New spells and new approaches to magical manifestation arise all the time, as those who are willing to practice and experiment find new ways of harnessing the natural energies that make up all of creation. There are many different kinds of magic practiced by Wiccans, from divination to ritual ecstatic dance to energy clearings to more hands-on workings like charms and dream pillows. Likewise, materials and ingredients used in magical work can come from just about anywhere, from jewel-encrusted wands and cast-iron cauldrons to humble stones and scraps of ribbon.

And the best way to learn about it is to do a lot of reading! Sure, there are a lot of articles you can find online. But if you want to dig deeper, you should also learn from Wiccan books. While there is no shortage of Wiccan books, you have to be very discerning when it comes to the books you read as an introduction to Wicca. Luckily, the most remarkable Wiccans, the scholars, and even the Father of Wicca himself, have written books to help future Wiccans learn about the history of Wicca, what Wicca really is, know what magick is and how to use it, how to get started on the Wiccan path, etc. This was the very first book written from the point of view of a witch, and it was published in , just after the witchcraft laws were repealed.


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