Fluke the math and myth of coincidence pdf

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fluke the math and myth of coincidence pdf

Review: Fluke. The Math and Myth of Coincidence | EMS

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Published 10.01.2019

This May Be The Most Counterintuitive Probability Paradox I've Ever Seen - Can you spot the error?

PDF Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence Free Books

A sunny day in Paris, The novelist Anne Parrish leaves her husband in a left bank cafe to browse books at a stall by the Seine. One in particular grabs her attention. It was her very own childhood copy. We expect marvellous coincidences like this to occur once in a lifetime.

Apr 23, A book that will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered how all of the tiny decisions that happen in our lives add up to improbable wholes. This is a tour of the mathematical concepts of probability, such as the law of large numbers and a the notion that if there is any likelihood.
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On the very first page of the introduction, Mazur describes how his uncle endured sessions of ECT after suffering a high school boxing injury. What if his opponent had been sick? What if Jack had knocked out the other guy first? Speculations like these led to the present volume, in which he tries to apply mathematics to determine the likelihood of unlikely events. The first part of the book is the most entertaining. She leaves him to finish his wine and strolls off to browse the bookstalls along the Seine.

Coincidence, fluke, and serendipity are closely related concepts that refer to something unexpected. Coincidence is surprising because there is no obvious apparent cause. Fluke means something accidentally happening with an unintended consequence and serendipity is used for a fortunate result that is obtained while striving for another objective. Anyway, such events always amaze and astound people. Like you meet a neighbor when on holiday at the other side of the world, or you think of an old friend you haven't seen in many years and he calls in the next hour. But are such experiences really unexpected? Are they exceptional?


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