Ladybird book magnets bulbs and batteries

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ladybird book magnets bulbs and batteries

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By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. I have now bought a copy on eBay, scanned it to a PDF file and uploaded it to the documents section of my Vintage Radio Info website - it's the last link in the first section. It's quite large 9. The book was first published in and is no longer available.
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Ladybird Books (part 2) - Beautiful Children's Books review


There's absolutely no doubt that I was something of a geeky child. I had a chemistry set and also a selection of batteries, bulbs and electric wires. I also had a magnet set that I loved so much that when I saw the same one for sale on eBay last year in new condition I bought it instantly to put away for Little Miss C and her, then still a bump, baby brother. It's no wonder that I went on to study physics and chemistry at A-Level and engineering at university. I would have loved the Ladybird Junior Science Book Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries — in fact some of the projects look so familiar that I am actually wondering if I did own a copy when I was younger, or if not it must have been a very similar book.

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By Steve Bush 7th March On the radio yesterday morning were some interviews with folk that were in at the start of Ladybird Books. I had forgotten all about that title, but a copy of that Ladybird Book was one of the childhood inspirations that got me into electronics. I also remember that the page on series connection had a string of three bulbs connected in series, and that the one nearest the positive battery terminal was the brightest, and the one nearest the negative terminal was dimmest, as I recall — so either the artist was given an odd set of bulbs, or someone thought that electricity ran out as it went around the circuit….? The image is taken from Amazon, where you can buy the book.


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