The language of flowers book club questions and answers

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the language of flowers book club questions and answers

The Language of Flowers Bookclub Discussion Questions

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about The Language of Flowers , please sign up. Answered Questions Do you think this is a book to introduce into high school curriculum? Not so much for literature purposes but to teach teenagers that they are worthy of love and forgiveness. Lisa Maxwell My opinion, as the mom of two young twenty-something men, is that I wouldn't have wanted them to learn about "love and forgiveness" from this book.
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Book Club Questions: The Language of Flowers

Kate Penn: What was your inspiration for this novel? Vanessa Diffenbaugh: I started with the idea of writing a novel about the foster-care system. The same sensationalized stories appear in the media over and over again: violent kids, greedy parents, the occasional hor- rific child death or romanticized adoption—but the true story of life inside the system is much more complicated and emotional. Foster children and foster parents, like children and adults everywhere, are trying to love and be loved, and to do the best they can with the emo- tional and material resources they have. With Victoria, I wanted to create a character that people could connect with on an emotional level—at her best and at her worst—which I hoped would give readers a deeper understanding of the challenges of growing up in foster care. Kate: I found it fascinating that someone like Victoria, who is so hardened on the outside, is able to find solace in something as soft and sensitive as flowers—yet it was believable.

The power of the flower is strong, indeed! In an interview included at the end of the novel, author Vanessa Diffenbaugh relates the findings from a Rutgers University study that proves flowers increase feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. Research from Harvard found that people feel less anxious and more compassionate when surrounded by flowers. I know I did. The Language of Flowers has been one of my favorite reads in a long time and I most definitely have a new appreciation for all that grows in my garden. What was your experience like?

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