Which book in the bible was written first and last

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which book in the bible was written first and last

Chronological order of the books of the Bible

Outline of Bible-related topics. Table I is a chronological overview. Table III gives the Deuterocanonical books. Table IV gives the books of the New Testament, including the earliest preserved fragments for each. The tables are in chronological order in reference to how they read in the Bible.
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The Holy Bible - Book 66 - Revelation - KJV Dramatized Audio

8 Oldest Books in the Bible

A chronological New Testament is different from and yet the same as the New Testament familiar to Christians. It contains the same 27 documents, but sequences them in the chronological order in which they were written. The familiar New Testament begins with the Gospels and concludes with Revelation for obvious reasons. Revelation is about "the last things" and the second coming of Jesus, so it makes sense that it comes at the end. Revelation and the Gospels function as bookends for the New Testament.

Wikimedia Commons A depiction of Paul the Apostle writing his epistles. Unlike, say, The Great Gatsby , the Bible is a text upon which millions and millions of people have based their entire lives. In other words, who wrote the Bible? Of all the mysteries surrounding the Bible , that one may be the most fascinating. Other books can be reliably dated to a given period by either internal clues — sort of the way no books written in the s mention airplanes, for instance — and by their literary style, which develops over time.

The book of Genesis appears to be a collection of earlier records edited by Moses.
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Determining when the books in the Bible were written can be difficult because there is a lot of disagreement between academic scholars and those who closely believe in and follow the Bible. Since it can be hard to figure out when in history these stories were first written, the dates on this list are based on the information presented in the Bible and are the dates widely accepted by followers of the Bible. -




  1. Luca H. says:

    The following list arranges the books of the Bible according to their most probable dates.

  2. Tyler R. says:

    You probably know which books are first and last in most Bible's, but if you are asking about when they were written that is a more difficult question to answer.

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