Stone wave cooker recipe booklet

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stone wave cooker recipe booklet

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This week he testing out a product that you viewers have been requesting. The Stone Wave Cooker! Does it really work as well as the TV commercial depicts? The Stone Wave Cooker is a small pot and top with chimney made of stoneware. The commercial says it's a perfect way to make small meals such as scrambled or poached eggs and even small deserts such as lava cake, all within just a few minutes in your microwave. The product claims the opening in the top of the cooker the 'chimney' , allows for steam to escape cooking food perfectly.
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Please note, I added Amazon affiliate links to make shopping easy. Many of you know what it is like trying to work a full-time job, while already working full-time as a wife and mother. And I am sure you can relate when I say that anything that saves time, is a big bonus. So when I was offered the opportunity to try the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker , I was more than happy to give it a try! The secret is a specially designed chimney that allows just the right amount of steam to escape and a unique, domed lid which allows the heated air to continuously re-circulate cooking the food evenly and infusing the flavor. The ceramic stoneware surface is non-stick so there is no need to cook with unhealthy butter, fats or oils to cook, and it is extremely easy to clean.

Well, the stone wave wants you. So many of you have seen the commercials for this one and wanted us to find out, does it really do that? But she wants to eat healthy, and the Stone Wave Cooker promises to be able to make anyone cook like a pro. The Stone Wave Cooker is a hand-made ceramic pot and lid. The packaging informs us that the secret to the system is actually the unique design of the lid. The handle of the little pot is hollow, which is supposed to help to keep it cool. Not much in the way of directions for this one.

Posted By: Nups February 9, What is Stone Wave Cooker — A ceramic microwave pot with handle and a lid with chimney. So far consumers have complained about Stone Wave Cooker not being nonstick , takes forever to cook an egg , Website is confusing, misleading infomercial etc. Read all the Stove Wave Cooker reviews here. Buy this Product from a physical store near you where you can return it if it does not work. Why Stone Wave Cooker If you love food you know many of the delicious mouth watering food items come with a lot of calories due to excess requirement of oil and butter in traditional cooking ways. Microwaves can really save you from such a mess since they are replacing the old methods of cooking on a gas which can be a painstaking job to do.

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This delicious and very addictive treat is perfect for any holiday. Quick and easy and you will think it came from a high quality restaurant. In summertime, I like to use this stone fruit salsa over fish or chicken, or as a topping for Greek yogurt. Perfect portion--doesn't overflow in microwave! A classic dish that's made easier by using the slow cooker--you're off to work and the slow cooker does the work for you. Hold on to your hats--this is a good one! In my mind, there is no better pairing than peanut butter and chocolate.


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