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I had a couple of short story collections from Audible that would begin stuttering or that would just cut out after a certain point. I sent in a problem report to audible and they sent me a response that all Apple devices up to and including the newest iOS devices have a limitation of file size with audio tracks, the problem I had was caused by encountering this limit. All Audible books longer than a certain time, something like 24 hours in Enhanced format will have this problem. Apple and audible are aware of the problem and Apple seems to have no real interest in fixing it. Audible suggests that one set the Audible library page to split the book up into sections, in fact they suggest dropping from the highest quality audio format to a lower quality format because getting Enhanced quality books to show download links for the divided versions of the books is inaccessible with most screen readers and the lower quality audio formats automatically show up as split books. I find this really annoying as I have a very distinct preference for books as a single file and I spent a very long time redownloading my library when Enhanced format was introduced so I could have my library stored locally, with undivided books all with the metadata edited by me to make sure all of the books show up in proper order within a series instead of being scattered about listed alphabetically by title.
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How to Get Audio Books for Free (Free Audible Books Code)

I just set up an account for my daughter with audible.

I can’t download an audiobook on my app.

As the rapid development of science and technology, the pace of life becomes faster for everyone. Compared with reading with eyes, most people want to read with their ears so that they can drive, swim or do more other activities. So audiobooks come out. And the audiobooks from Audible. In this post, you will find the best answer. The Audible. As one of the biggest audiobooks market, you can find lots of audiobooks to listen.

This Audio Book Manager lets you catalog and organize your audio book collection. It is optimized for Audible users, but can import MP3 audio books as well. Configure your working directory in the preferences. The Web Dir can contain a web page listing of your audible content, a json version of your audiobook meta data, and an MP3 directory with titled audio books. Connecting to audible is done via a web browser. The first time you use the program you should log in to your audible account using the built-in web browser. When connected, you should be logged in via the browser, and OpenAudible Library status should be Connected: Yes.

So now you're interested in Audible , but you may be wondering how to buy books on Audible, then download the audiobook titles to your devices. There are a couple ways you can purchase Audible books, including:. If you're an Audible subscriber, you'll be notified when you've been charged and therefore have credits available.
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With Audible, you can purchase a digital audiobook and listen to it on a compatible Fire tablet, Kindle device, Kindle reading app, or Audible app. For more information about listening to audiobooks on other devices or MP3 players, go to Audible Support. Audible audiobooks can be purchased on Amazon with your default 1-Click payment method or existing Audible credits or coupons, or from Audible. Note: Purchases are billed directly by Audible. Audible titles on Amazon can't be purchased with an Amazon.


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