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lee and low multicultural books

Multicultural Children's Books | Lee & Low Books

Not long ago, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing publisher, Philip Lee. They offer books for all young readers, from leveled books for beginning readers through middle grade and young adult novels. They also publish several bilingual books, as well as books in other languages. Their books reflect the diversity and richness of the United States. JL: I joined the company in I was employee 6. Many of the limitations we faced back then mainly had to do with size, or lack thereof.
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Panel 1: Publisher Jason Low (Lee & Low Books)

Diversity in Nonfiction: Finding Hidden Heroes {Guest post from Lee and Low}

Spanish, Bilingual, and Language Collections. Our goal is to meet the need for books that address children and teens of color by providing culturally authentic titles that all readers can enjoy. Middle-grade and young adult novels are published under our Tu Books imprint. In addition, if you have never been published before, we encourage you to enter your work in our annual New Voices and New Visions award contests, which open every summer. For more details, click here. We are happy to consider art samples for picture books, graphic novels, and book jackets.

Q & A With Lee & Low Books’ Jason Low

If you missed it live, or just want to watch it again, here is a recording of the webinar:. In this guest blog post, educator Lindsay Barrett discusses the power and importance in having diverse books and mentors. In this guest blog post, Dr. We interviewed bestselling author Sherry Thomas on what piqued her interest in writing about Mulan and the different iterations of the beloved woman warrior in pop culture. What resources or organizations did you turn to while writing the story? Sherry Thomas: I consulted everything from reddit threads to academic publications, along with various sources in the Chinese language, including my personal copy of Chinese Idiomatic Expressions Dictionary. Northern Wei, the time period typically agreed on for the setting of the Ballad of Mulan , is not a major dynasty.

Today, Hannah reflects on the bias in non-fiction and puts forth options of heroes of color for children of all colors! This picture book biography tells the story of trombonist and arranger Melba Doretta Liston, one of the great unsung heroes of jazz. Yunus grew up in Bangladesh and witnessed extreme poverty all around him. Instead of becoming numb to it, he studied economics and developed the innovative concept of micro-lending: offering small low-income loans to the poor to help them start businesses and break the cycle of poverty. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work and changed millions of lives through economic innovation, but his accomplishments remain largely unknown. When the only biographies on a shelf about people of color feature Martin Luther King, Jr. But by showing diverse heroes who succeed in a wide range of fields, we reinforce the idea that diversity is not just skin-deep: that people of color can excel as actors, athletes, economists, artists, musicians, and much more.

Science fiction and fantasy books for younger audiences are booming — but they still mostly feature white heroes and are aimed at white audiences. Now Tu Books is gearing up to publish its first three books in Open www. We spoke to Whitman about getting into publishing, and why she felt like there was a need for multicultural YA and children's SF books. I was freelancing when a number of factors came together in just the right way for me do something about diversity in children's fantasy. I learned a lot from them that I didn't know as deeply before, such as the reality of white privilege.


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