I love cats and kittens book

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i love cats and kittens book

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The story is beautiful, but it might be a little weird for very young readers to take in And for parents who believe that fairy tales and stories with talking animals in them are the work of the Devil, well Families that embrace magic and magical thinking will dig it, though When Stella was a little kitten and was rescued by two children "The Tall One" and "The Gentle One" she was rambunctious and full of bounce. As she got older, though, she liked to "dance" less and less, and eventually, when she was a full-grown cat, she liked to lie around and be mellow. She also got the urge to go on nightly prowls, and after she met another big cat -- a male -- she started looking for a place to hide and make a nest.
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I Love Cats & Kittens

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Cat books and kitten books are purr-fect for any new feline owners who need a helping hand when it comes to cat training and care. Our cat books are packed with step-by-step instructions for helping your kitty feel at home. Read less. Sort by. Co-written with Elyse Moody, senior editor at Martha Stewart Living, this book redefines the stereotype by showcasing 50 strong, independent, and artistic women who take the world in stride, flanked by their beloved felines. With its vibrant cover and gorgeous faux-suede spine, Girls and Their Cats features striking portraits and engaging profiles of each woman and her cat-or cats-including fun facts unique to each furry friend.

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I Love Cats and Kittens (Over 50 Breeds) Children's Read Aloud Story Book For Kids

Fascinated by cats and kittens? Then this stunning book from QED is for you. The perfect introduction to cats and kittens, this photographic guide explores over 50 popular breeds from all around the world. From the affectionate and loyal Maine Coon, to the elegant and majestic Siamese, you're sure to find your favourite breed in this essential guide. With up to four photographs included per cat, the beauty and character of each breed is fully captured while their individual qualities are explored in the introductory text. David Alderton originally trained as a veterinary surgeon before deciding to pursue a career in writing. David specialises in pets and natural history.


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